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Our Mission

Southern Psychological and Behavioral Services mission is to ensure the highest quality of clinical care to assist individuals we serve and their families to have the best life possible.

SPBS offers a range of services, including individual and group therapy, evaluation, and consultation services. The latest therapy techniques and assessment tools are used to help individuals, families, and agencies with a variety of concerns find clarification and direction to secure the best futures possible. 

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Ages 18 months to Adult

Assessment, Therapy, & Consultation Services

SPBS offers a range of psychological services, including ADHD, educational, autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, and other evaluation and therapeutic services. SPBS was established in 2016 in Valdosta, GA to provide much needed services and supports to children, adolescents, and young adults in the South Georgia area, given the significant need in the area.

  • Autism

  • ADHD

  • Behavioral Problems

  • Mood Disorders

  • Learning Problems

  • Social Problems

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Evaluation

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Behavioral Therapy

  • Social Skills Training

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Parent Supports

Autism Services
Therapy Services
  • Individual Therapy

    • CBT​, social skills, anger management, anxiety reduction

    • Behavioral therapy for autism

  • Group Therapy

    • Including social skills groups for autism

  • Autism Programming

  • Functional Behavioral Assessment

  • Address Functional Communication

  • Address Challenging Behaviors

    • Aggressive behavior

    • Self-injurious behavior

    • Food refusal

    • Sleep issues

  • Trauma focused therapy

  • Play therapy for children

  • One-on-one counseling

  • Couples therapy

  • Family therapy

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