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Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

An individualized ABA program that is designed to meet your child's specific needs. Increases in communication, social skills, play skills, self-help skills, and pre-academic skills are only a few of the areas that can be addressed in this program. Decreases in behaviors that interfere with learning are also targeted. Parent involvement is encouraged and training provided.

Behavior Programming

This program is designed to target a decrease in problematic behavior. Problem behavior is any behavior that interferes with learning, the ability to develop meaningful positive relationships, is harmful to the self or others, or decreases the overall quality of life. Behaviors addressed in this program include but are not limited to: aggression, tantrums, crying, self-injurious behavior, stereotypical behaviors, property destruction, and rigidity. Behavioral assessment and treatment utilize the principles of applied behavior analysis. Parent, teacher, and family training's are provided.

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